​​​​​​​Collaborating with The Chinaskis creator, frontman and Scottish singer-songwriter Robbie Edmonstone, I had the immense pleasure of helping create the look and feel of what Robbie describes as a bittersweet, booze-soaked, Caledonian power-pop band from the heart of Dallas, Texas. 
The band is named as a homage to the fictional character Henry Chinaski, the archetypal battered, boozy, bar fly immortalized by cult author Charles Bukowski. The band - with long-standing drinking partners Neil Thomas (Caustic Waves, Keitel), Chris McKell (The Rule of Three, Spinning Wheel) and Stuart Wilson (Cargo) - honed their craft on the sticky floor stages of the Scottish toilet circuit. The four weekend warriors were driven by their shared love of harmony singing, classic rock music and the buzz of playing live and drinking together.
It’s taken about six years to come to fruition, but The Chinaskis debut album - Songs for the Scunnered - will finally hit all streaming platforms in April 2023, preceded by four singles from the record. Here is a delicious taste of what is to come:
in collaboration with robbie edmonstone

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