Setting goals are important to help hone “achievement” behaviors and sustain positive momentum in life. Goals help sharpen focus, improve determination, and promote a sense of accomplishment. Goals provide encouragement, responsibility, direction, and commitment to fulfill dreams and aspirations. By setting short-term and long-term goals, an individual identity is strengthened with purpose and persistence. When goals are achieved, a person's self confidence is boosted to reach even higher. 
This "Goal Book" concept helps give people a guide to create "handcrafted commitments",  by using mountain climbing visual metaphors, goal-related types, quotes, and strategies. Each page represents one goal. The pages are perforated, so that the user can tear out and post the "Goal Page" anywhere to provide a constant reminder of what they are wanting to accomplish. The books have bound and spiral options to choose from, and a virtual site as well as an app is in development.

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